With MANITOU you cut operating costs while increasing profitability and growth capacity.


To support the development and growth of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES, the company's founding managers developed MANITOU, a powerful open-ended business solution. Their extensive experience in information systems development and their deep understanding of business processes culminated in this well-thought out product developed over more than seven years. They were greatly assisted in their efforts by their production and development teams, Oracle technology experts, and the latest Web technologies.

The MANITOU solution—an information system at the cutting edge of technology—has played a key role in the company's explosive growth(Profit 500 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014: Fastest-Growing Companies; Fidéides of the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce: 2009 Company of the Year).

In 2008, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES sought to market its MANITOU solution. To this end, it conducted a market study of IT services companies and large corporate and public sector IT departments in the Quebec City and Montreal areas. The enthusiasm was such that four of the companies in the study became client-partners and actively participated in the product's development.

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