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MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES has forged close partnerships with professionals at Oracle, ensuring optimal collaboration and constructive business relations that benefit our clients.

Oracle Canada

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES as a proud partner “Microsoft Silver Data Platform”!.


Ormuco delivers on the ability to have off-premise private secure clouds, seamlessly connected to a scalable, on demand public cloud. Running on a fully redundant infrastructure, these hybrid cloud solutions are backed by industry leading hardware providers. Ormuco’s cloud platform provides the unlimited on-demand provisioning and scalability necessary to meet any production requirements.

By generating customizable instances in seconds and migrating from one cloud to another, businesses become more agile and quickly adjust to workload fluctuations. This virtually seamless scalability reduces operational costs by offering businesses a pay-as-you-use model to follow peak production points.

Tandem RH

MANITOU will benefit of Tandem RH growing presence in the small and medium enterprises market to bring to this business market segment its cloud Staffing solution: MANITOUStaffing. Learn more about MANITOU ATS: Click here

Their notoriety and excellence of their services makes it a partner of choice for MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES.

Tandem RH


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