About Us
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Started in 2003, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ mission is to provide top-notch consulting services that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our focus is Oracle and Java. MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ core values are expertise, respect, quality, professionalism, and team spirit.

Providing excellent client service while giving our specialists the tools to realize their aspirations sums up our business philosophy and stands as our “trademark.” We adhere to a code of ethics and a quality management system, with rigorous follow-up and monitoring to deliver the concrete results our clients depend on.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES has a team of 130 consultants providing quality services in Oracle database technology and in development of information system in various technologies.

In addition, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES is the manufacturer of MANITOU, a world-class PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution on the market.
MANITOU automates and simplifies business processes to increase the organizational productivity and quality of management. Achieving such will help our clients (manitousolution.com).


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