Human Approach
A personalized
career plan
matches your goals!


Individualized Support

Each employee receives individual and personalized support. A manager assigned to you as soon as you start work at MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES follows you throughout your career within the group.

The objective is to provide you with ongoing support, help you develop your skills, and ensure your well-being at work.

Skills Development

We encourage you to develop and fine-tune your skills on an ongoing basis through training and professional development activities both inside and outside the company. A dedicated room for training activities is available to staff at all times. Our policy on upgrading Oracle and Java certifications demonstrates MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIEScommitment to helping our consultants acquire new skills. This makes perfect sense given the group’s focus on expertise.

Our Oracle and Java Expertise Center is an essential part of the company. Consultants are invited to participate on a regular basis because knowledge sharing is the key to progress. Technology watch cells are constantly in action and we provide our consultants with laboratory facilities adapted to their various needs.

Career Plan

A personalized career plan that matches your goals is updated every year. This professional development tool was created to help you visualize all the possibilities open to you in the short, medium, and long term.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES works to provide a stimulating environment and ensures that each of its employees has the opportunity to attain his or her career objectives by providing technical support, training, and mentoring.

Performance Evaluation

Each consultant’s skills and performance are evaluated annually. This gives us an opportunity to discuss each consultant’s expectations and needs with a view to continuously improving our employees’ quality of life. We are also constantly gauging our consultants’ level of satisfaction through informal meetings and periodic surveys. This is essential for maintaining good communication between the company and its staff.


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