PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success! magazine ranks MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES on this year’s list for the fifth consecutive year!

September 17, 2015


MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES was classified on the prestigious list Profit 500 of the Profit magazine for its growth during five last years.

This recognition underscores the depth and breadth of the management team’s focus on business strategy, operations, and financial performance, not to mention growth. The award also speaks to the strategic importance of MANITOU, a world-class integrated management solution that automates, simplifies, and optimizes business processes. “The quality and commitment of our teams and our MANITOU product were a key factor in getting us into the magazine’s elite PROFIT 500 club and keeping us there,” says MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES President Michel Ganache. “MANITOU is the linchpin of our day-to-day management and every aspect of our operations. We developed MANITOU for our clients, but our on-site consultants and in-house teams use it as well. With MANITOU, we can take a product we developed and implemented for our clients and adapt it for our own use. That’s something we’re really proud of!


Ranked among Canada’s 50 best managed companies, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES develops and delivers information technology solutions to international companies, primarily in professional services sectors, including human resources, management consulting, engineering, and IT. Specializing in Oracle and Java environments, the company offers a broad range of services, including senior on-site consulting, information system production, database management, and remote development via an Expertise Center. Such a varied portfolio of services and projects requires decentralized teams and operations that use synergy to achieve mutual success. In contrast, the management of its client relations, human resources, and accounting operations is integrated and centralized. This is what sets the MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES business model apart. Since it was developed, MANITOU software has been what holds it all together, driving business efficiency and productivity.

About PROFIT Magazine:

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