Growth Through Diversity!

October 15, 2011


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To ensure its growth, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES must reasonably accommodate its employees from 19 countries—and it does!

At the MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES Christmas party in Quebec City, manager Bruno Cloutier glances around and sees his diverse team of employees dancing together. Over the years, he has never noticed any cliques or divisions in this microcosm—only happiness without borders. “It’s a bit of a dream,” he says, with a twinkle in his eye.

This dream, which brings together workers from 19 countries ranging from Brazil to Réunion, Algeria to Mexico, was born out of necessity. Bringing these nationalities together in Lebourgneuf, one of Quebec City’s whiter neighborhoods, was not the goal of this software consultant specialized in Oracle and Java technologies. But in 2003, when the consultancy was founded, the number of computer science and software engineering graduates was already declining as a result of the tech bubble burst at the end of the previous decade. Another challenge was that many graduates were more interested in developing video games at Beenox and later Frima and Ubisoft than in designing computer management systems for insurance companies, businesses, and government agencies.

Adding to the recruitment difficulties, Bruno Cloutier and his seven partners were bound by a non-solicitation agreement as the former managers of Cognicase, which was acquired at that time by CGI. “We solicited other companies—notably DMR, which provided a few employees—but they all had good staff retention,” recalls the president and CEO of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES.

Immigration was a gold mine of unemployed and underemployed graduates, and without it the company would probably never have gotten off the ground. Today, 45% of the company’s 120 employees—analysts, programmers, technicians, and others—are immigrants. It all started with a couple of Mexicans sent from Service d'orientation et d'intégration des immigrants au travail (SOIIT), whom managers had met at a conference. This pair, a first integration success story, is now part of the management team, and SOITT remains a major recruitment source for the company.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES values diversity as a key element of its growth,” says Xavier Bonifay, president of Senergy, which has implemented projects in partnership with Momentum. Mr. Cloutier, a round-faced man with bright blue eyes, believes that contact with Europe, Africa, and the Americas requires open-mindedness but enables the company to provide more comprehensive and effective solutions.

“Our employees have worked with all kinds of technology and gained experience with a wide range of approaches. Every country has its strengths, and whether in business or consulting, sound advice is based on cumulative experience. Information technology aims for efficiency, and in doing so it delivers results.”

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